A Metaphysical Investigation of Love by Viva Dana

cosmic love

Scientifically speaking, how does it transform our lives? Why is it so difficult to exercise and understand? How does it physically apply to human life? Why do we all constantly crave it?

Love Is An Invisible, Intelligent Cosmic Vibrational Energy That Shifts Human Consciousness

Love is such a misunderstood property of life that many people can only partially interpret how it works to shift circumstances in our everyday lives.

Emerging from Global Metaphysical research communities are very important keys to understanding just how our souls are connected to our lives and how our lives are dependant on love frequencies for our very growth in consciousness.

We are now just barely beginning to understand exactly how love as an invisible property of life, actually feeds the human soul and assists in its entire development. Love exists as a frequency of music and light. It invisibly carries information about our souls throughout the universe and is our connection to all that exists. When our physical cells hold more of that frequency or light, those cells function at a much more intelligent level of awareness. The entire body changes and the behaviors of an individual also change. The soul changes and becomes more ‘light’.

We have become so deprogrammed from sourcing and balancing this intangible aspect of life sustaining energy from within our bodies that the word ‘love’ itself causes many dimensions of human misunderstanding. Metaphysically investigating the human energy system enables us to see just what emotion-based thought is and how such thoughts compel us to behave in distorted or unloving ways.

For our societal growth, it is extremely important for each of us to be able to understand just how profound and life changing a tool love energy is when channeled correctly through our bodies. More importantly, understanding how these energies work within our individual bodies helps us to understand why our societies are so disrupt and disharmonious.

Presently our global educative system lacks sustenance training for the emotional portion of the human soul. It is this portion of the human body system that seeks eternal connection by exercising behavioral love and unity with others. Emotional energy like all other known life properties is an invisible life support system of mathematically coded vibratory frequencies. What we emit and exchange from our bodies carries significant life building energies.

Our educative systems fall severely short in the area of teaching us how light (color) and vibration (sound) actually form our physical world and how love (cohesive energy) holds it all together. As a result we’ve lost our ability to see one another in our truer forms as light beings. We have forgotten not only the value of the energetic and emotional influences we have upon one another we’ve completely misunderstood how these human energies actually create our world events.

When it comes to remembering how to decipher the vibrational human consciousness that each human emits, we are completely lost. At best we tune into the vibe of a room and realize that something is vaguely amiss but can’t figure out who is emitting what and who is out of balance unless we talk to one another.

Consequently and as a result of our disconnected state to vibrational love frequencies we have created multiple societies that greatly stifle our natural and spontaneous expressions of emotion-based creativity. We witness this distortion of pure love energy as worldwide suffering, human corruption or animal terror.

There are so many little ways in which the systems we live in crush the creative expression and natural growth of souls, which is a divine right given to each of us at birth to experience. To understand ourselves as creative light beings we need to understand first just how we are created from light. It is THE KEY to understanding our individuated soul purpose, our psychic senses, our ability to love and our responsibility in terms of co-creating peaceful co-existence amongst all human races.

Part of this long term research in psychic drawn data retrieval is designed to bring into daily human reality grander metaphysical concepts so that anyone who desires to know can access these concepts and begin to release themselves from the darker aspects of their lives should they so choose to evolve beyond the beliefs they presently live by.

Bringing to light the profound value of metaphysical information gives us the tools to permanently dissolve the emotional bondage we call human suffering. This is not merely a utopist notion. It is in fact the profound cosmic foundation that underscores our entire surface world reality.

Hiding from our frailties and mistakes is not the answer. Opening to greater, more expanded truth is. And tapping soul knowledge is the key to our healing as a race. Psychic Science is the very path in which many have endeavored to investigate the creation and evolvement of the human soul. It is a fascinating field of research and all throughout our website we share with you some of the more profound discoveries in this field.

We are all psychic. We all possess far greater talent than we consciously utilize. Metaphysical education enables each individual the ability to see just how their very thoughts and actions create the reality they physically and emotionally face each day of their lives. When it all boils down to it most human beings simply care about their basic momentary needs. Love is the root urge from which each of us ultimately creates in life. Lack of it, loss of it, need of it and desire for it are all soul callings each of us feels within. It is part of us. It flows through us. We are made from it and therefore, it IS us.

About the Author:
Viva has endeavored for over two decades in global psychic data retrieval research & interspecies communication for the purpose of bringing forth advanced concepts regarding human evolution to the general public. Her work can be now found at starkittys.com/page/page/1768916.htm & bluechakra.net

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