Eating Vegetarian For Life by Randy Powell

Becoming a vegetarian is a frightening thought for most people of the western world. We have become so used to having a serving of dead animal on our plates that without it we feel that we have not eaten. With the rising rate of death associated with heart disease being what it is, we all may want to at least consider the thought of meatless meals. Or at least we should try skipping a day or two every now and then for our hearts sake.

Vegetarianism is growing ever more popular among westerners. The health benefits associated with meatless eating clearly outweighs cutting back part time on your intake. Just the fact that you will not be consuming large amounts of artery-clogging animal fat is a great reason to quit. Saturated fat filled foods are the leading cause of heart disease, which kills 500, 000 people every year in America.

Eating a plant based diet means you will be eating a ton of fiber in your diet. Easier digestion means that your body will be using less energy for pushing food through your system. When trying to live on a diet of meat, your digestive system is always struggling to push slow moving animal products through your body and has to conserve energy to continue doing this everyday. This encourages the presence of unfriendly bacteria to begin growing in your system and eventually disease will occur.

The nutrients found in plant foods far outweigh what you would get eating a diet high in meat and dairy products. As long as you eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains every single day, you will not be deficient nutritionally. Eating a meal of beans and rice give you more protein per serving than meat without the saturated fat. There are lots of nutrients found in brown rice and unrefined grains. Be sure to eat 100% whole grains to get the full benefit of this healthy style of living.

The overall benefits of a meat free diet are monumental and should become the foundation for anyone trying to change to a healthier lifestyle. Weight loss is inevitable when eating less fat and consuming more fiber from plants will make you feel lighter on your feet. Your immune system will get a positive boost from this eating style of veggies and fruits. Eat them in abundance. This is much needed with the evolution of different species of bacteria and viruses that threaten mankind every year.

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