How To Incorporate Practical Magic Into Your Daily Life! by Cucan Pemo

More and more people these days are turning to witchcraft, paganism and wiccan spiritual practices as more meaningful and inclusive forms of religion. Since the printing of Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft Today, thousands have discovered the power it can have.

Although we live in a highly modernized, technological world, the ancient wisdom and knowledge that is imparted through witchcraft is still relevant today, if in fact even more so, since it is a peaceful, inclusive and deeply conscious tradition, that reveres the earth and earthly cycles. In this day and age, which is dominated by war and wanton environmental destruction, witchcraft offers a gentle nonviolent alternative way of making sense of our world.

Some people sadly, fear witchcraft because they wrongly associate it with the dark arts of Satanism. This is a grave misconception, which witches everywhere are seeking to dispel. According to Gardner, contrary to the popular perceptions, witchcraft is more to do with honoring the earth and the divine feminine. In fact, most people who practice witchcraft, do so because it is holistic, non-judgmental and non-patriarchal inasmuch as it honors the sacred creativity of women, and recognizes the life-giving force of the earth upon which we live. Many people see witchcraft as a deeply ecological religion, that seeks to protect the earth and it’s gifts to humans.

Whether you want to incorporate witchcraft into your life in a serious and dedicated manner, or simply want to explore this spiritual tradition, learning about it first is the way forward. Because it is such a poorly understood and much maligned spiritual tradition, many witches are very private about their beliefs. In fact, most will not reveal themselves to be witches. Whether you go on to join a coven, or merely incorporate magic into your life on a private level, you too can start to weave spells into your life in order to transform your day to day reality. Many novices start out by practicing what I like to describe as “practical magic” – spells that can be incorporated into your life without requiring much effort or time.

Here are two good everyday spells to add to your spell book.

Protection charm

If you are concerned about your own well-being, or the well-being of someone dear to you, make sure you (or that other person) carries something blue on the body. By wearing something blue on your person, you will ward off destructive or negative forces. A good tip for women is to sew blue ribbon into their bras and underwear so that no matter what you are wearing on the outside, you will always have something blue on your body to protect you.

For men, carrying blue beads in your pocket is one way of performing this charm. Although this is a simple charm to carry out, it is extraordinarily effective. I recently gave a blue bead on a string to a male friend of mine who had been unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend. He told me that within a day of carrying the bead he had not only gotten over his negative feelings about his girlfriend, but had secured a highly lucrative art deal and was felt he was on a path of rebirth. He carries his blue bead everywhere as a matter of course now.

House charm

Many people want to know how they can protect their homes from negative forces. This is a very simple spell that ensures your home draws in positivity, friendship and love. It can be performed at any time, but I recommend your do it when your family or flat-mates are not present, as you do not want to be interrupted.

To cleanse the house of any negative spirits or emotions, you light a candle and go from room to room, reciting the qualities that you want to exist in your home. When I performed this spell, I went from room to room, saying things like “Peace”, “Happiness”, “Creativity”, “Love”, “Friends”, “Laughter” etc etc. Once you have visited every room, take a sprig of lavender and tie it above each external door. By tying lavender above the entrances to your house, you ensure that only good elements pass into it.

The two charms above show how easy it can be to practice magic. Whether you intend to delve more deeply into witchcraft, or merely incorporate a little “practical magic” into your life, witchcraft is a deeply spiritual and conscious religion that draws on ancient wisdom and knowledge that can truly enhance your life.

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