Nurturing Your Spirit by Bonnie Moss

Do you ever wonder about the other “YOU?”

The one that speaks to you quietly, the one that helps you find inspiration. It is in your spirit that the feeling of love and peace reign supreme. It is where happiness is free to embrace you.

It is the voice that shouts the emptiness of your life, despite all the trappings of luxury that you surround yourself with. It is the loneliness that overwhelms you, calling to you to wake up. There’s more to life than wallowing in your misery. It’s your spirit starved for attention and love.

Ever wonder who you truly share the heights of joy, or the depths of pain and sorrow, when everyone else is out of reach? Reach out within yourself.

What gives you strength, courage and empowerment? Why does negative self-talk feel magnified especially in your solitude?

We all have a Spirit, if you would stop, listen and nurture it. It will not lead you astray. Negative vibrations weigh you down, because the spirit does not want to have anything to do with your negative attitudes. It serves you no purpose. It’s almost trying to tell you, Hey, if you pursue this course, you’re on your own. Listen to me and I’ll show you a better way.

Do not confuse connecting with your spirit with denial.

To acknowledge your spirit steers you clear of the mental chaos and confusion that magnifies the trials, obscures the solutions, clouds your judgment and drags you deeper in the mire. Denial is the result of being disconnected with your spirit.

Problems, trials, disappointments are part of life. No matter how dark the clouds are, through blizzard, storm and tsunami, the sun always comes up, bright and warm.

Think about it, ask yourself, how can you nurture your spirit? This is how I do it:

-Start and end my day with a prayer of gratitude.
-Meditate, stay grounded and live in the present.
-Today well-lived makes for a better tomorrow.
-Know that problems are but stepping stones to better times.
-Count my blessings, share what I can with others.
-Read inspiring books and quotations.
-Listen to soothing music, play the piano.
-Appreciate nature’s beauty.
-Know that patience is a virtue,i.e., grin and bear it.
-Try to show compassion / kindness, for everyone has their own battles to fight.
-Let those I love know they are loved everyday.
-Let bygones be bygones.
-Move on, for there’s nothing I can do about what’s past but learn from it.
-Dream a bit.

About the Author:
Bonnie Moss writes about spirituality, tools available to all to walk the path. Visit her website, a metaphysical site that offers information on tarot, crystals, aura, angels, journalling and more. She is the Executive Secretary of Tarot Canada International, as well as a regular contributor of articles to the newletter, Future Endeavours. Visit her website:

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