Reiki Advanced Or Master Training by Lisa Davis

After successfully completing the first two levels of Reiki, a person will be able to choose if they desire to continue their practice and training. Advanced Reiki training enables one to move deeper into the channeling of different energies for use as healing techniques. After that they would be a certified practitioner able to heal others. Advanced Reiki training sessions usually last for three to four days. Different techniques learned in the first two levels will be reviewed and embellished during this training. There will also be opportunities to learn different attunements and advance into channeling other sources of universal energies in healing methods. This specific training course is aimed at enhancing healing skills. Additionally, it will teach you to more efficiently channel Reiki energies. Based on these two basic concepts in the advanced Reiki training, one is then able to add new energy ideas and techniques that they can use in their own healing.

The initial topics that will be taught in these classes are advanced attunements for chakra clearing and healing. You can use this not only in your own healing, but also so you know which attunements to use when you are practicing on another for the purposes of healing. In relation to this, the advance Reiki training will also expose you to new symbols that can be used. These symbols are called master symbols and attunements. You can also expect to focus on meditation as a part of the training. Clearing the Reiki aura is another concept that will be taught. By knowing how to carry out an aura clearing, you can advance in your healing techniques by focusing on different types of problems with which other people might be plagued. In relation to this, you will learn to incorporate reading the auras of others. This is often called body scanning or psychic reading. These will help when helping others to heal.

From this point, many Reiki instructors will expand their teaching to include different and unique techniques that can be used in relation to the traditional Reiki. Many instructors will instruct on the methods of using crystals in healing. Others may focus healing by using sound. At the end of the session the master levels a practitioner can branch out, potentially even into other sessions. These will enable you to incorporate more techniques into your healing practice.

The Reiki advanced or master levels of training are designed to teach different techniques and methods to use in the healing of others as well as yourself. By studying the Reiki method at the advanced level, you will be eligible to become certified as a practitioner and teacher of the Reiki method. By completing these courses, you will be able to heal others and yourself to an advanced degree.

The unique qualities of each advanced or master training course, will rely on where you are and what you are desire to learn at the master level. With the advanced levels knowledge you will gain from this training, you will be able to provide unique and different methods to your relaxing, balancing and healing practices.

About the Author:
Lisa Davis contributes articles to several popular Internet magazines, on wellness tips and health and wellness topics.

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