Tantra Massage: Awakening Your Partner Sensual Awareness by Barbara Price Galvan

Tantra Massage
When you offhandedly mention that you are studying the ancient Hindu and Buddhist craft of Tantra massage and beliefs, you are sure to get at least a raised eyebrow of interest. After all, Tantra massage sounds sensual, and brings on naughty thoughts. Not naughty, but a sense of “sensual awareness”.

The key to a Tantric massage is to liven up the body, not to relax the body. The true purpose is to energize the body with the mind. To surrender to a relax state of deep trust between you and your partner resulting in a connection.

Everyone wants to connect with their partner on a higher level. Tantra massages can give a relationship more that just a sexual connection. It would be nice to connect your mind, body, and soul with your partner. These methods are fully shown by the author of Hot Tantra Sex Games: Sexual Healing with Tantra.

But first before we get to the seven steps of the massage you need to give a Tantric massage, you need to make this an event. So, send a nice invitation to your partner. This can tantalize the mind and body that will reach deep into your partner’s soul. The invitation will help turn this into an event that your partner will remember for a while.

The next step in the beginning process is to set up the atmosphere. Atmosphere is important since most humans are visual in nature. If you know what your partner’s favorite color, smell, and music, provides those items to the setting to add a familiar atmosphere. Then add the soft lighting and provide a comfortable lying area. A soft blanket with a lot of bright soft pillows is the ideal setting.

The next step is to pick your products that will be the base of your massage. Remember to think of what your partner likes and dislikes. The basic warm baby oil with small rubbing stones is ideal. It is also nice to have a warm dish of water with a washcloth available, in case of excessive oil.

You can make your own customized massage oil that adds a sentimental value. By customizing a scent for you and your partner, you will add a connection to your emotional level. The first step to making your own scented massage oil is to select your partner and your favorite scent.

The next step is to gather two bottles and add baby oil halfway up the bottle. Now, add six drops of your selected scent, then shake and place in the warm water with the cloth.

Now, you are ready to get going with the seven steps that will move energy and awareness through this massage. The Tantric massage treats the energy and the physical of the massage on different levels. The Tantric massage works the Aura energy on the outside of the body while the affirming touching massages the physical sensual awareness and the experimenting with freestyle brings partner’s awareness to sexual boundaries.

Remember, there is nothing worst than a pair of cold hands on a warm body to turn the mood toward the artic atmosphere. Therefore, the preparation of your massaging tools- your hands, is vital. By placing several drops of warm oil on your hands and start, a circular motion will generate a nice set of heated hands.

Now you are ready to start your massage. Start at the base of the spine, using a circular motion then extending that motion long and outward to the side. In Tantric teaching they teach people about Chakras in the body and how they move energy through the body until they connect the two people’s souls.

There are seven Chakras that help your body stay health and clear. We are only going to focus on three chakras, the solar plexus (the connection to the soul), the sexual and the heart.

The Chakras that is in this lower region controls the sexual and creative energy. If you continue to massage the lower area of the back you can connect the energy to the scrotum area.

Continue your massage to the area just under the shoulder blades, the heart area. The heart is central to the Tantric energy map and believes that this strengthens the connection between your heart and sexuality. In Tantric, the process is known as the “opening of the heart charkas.”

The next critical step is to apply the affirming touch and pressure to stir up the sexual energy. This is where you have to know the boundaries of your partner. Start massages the genital areas and other arousing areas on your partner. First make the touches light then increase the touching until your partner expression changes. You will become aware of what level of touching your partner desires. Now, you are learning the stages of your partner’s solar plexus.

The next step is the experimental stage; it too will help increase the solar plexus. This is where you make your massage a learning process of what your partners likes and dislikes. Take the level of touching up one notch by using different fabrics, wet or dry, like silks, leathers, feathers, and furs. The next level can be textures and even food products, like a string of pearls or jelly. Again, this is to gather what they like and don’t like so try a lot of different things.

The fun is to gather as much information that you can so you can be aware of your partner’s sexual desires; creating a sexual awareness that is vital for any relationship.

The last step in this Tantric massage is freestyle. Freestyle is where you can implement your own massage movement. It doesn’t have to be a circular motion. It could be a sideway thumb motion or a scratching motion.

The final step in this Tantric massage is that, now it is time for you to switch places and continue to become awaken and aware of both your sexual needs.

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