The 2 Phases Ultimate Winning Formula In The Law of Attraction by Chang Wee Teo

The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction (what you think about is what manifests itself in your life) is something that can be made to work for you if you go at it proactively. It is, ultimately, a mindset as much as it is a personal revelation, and it’s about self actualization of goals and dreams. There is a simple, multi-step process that can be followed to let the Law of Attraction make positive changes in your life.

Initiation Phase: Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams

Your dreams are important to a successful and happy life. One of the most difficult things for people to accept is that the most important part of your professional and personal life is taking a firm grip on your dreams and working towards them, and the first step in making your dreams happen is using the law of attraction to put them in the present tense, and break down what’s needed to achieve them. This isn’t some polyanna-ish Dr. Feelgood nostrum; you will still have to make the hard decisions about getting the most out of your dreams, and you’ll want to do what project planners have been doing since the Pharaohs built the pyramids, which is visualize the end state of your goal and work backwards, marking out what steps need to occur when to make them happen.

However, you need to understand that the most important opinion about yourself is yours. Self confidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and ultimately, the law of attraction is about self actualizing your dreams and self image into actual, concrete results. Ultimately, it’s what you believe about yourself that will make or break you, and one of the keys is learning to unlearn lessons that have been imprinted on you at a younger age; the ones that say you’re lazy, that it takes someone with special abilities to achieve their dreams and so forth. Throw those out with the other rubbish, and do a brutal, honest self-assessment. Don’t wall paper over your flaws. Be aware of them, and put plans in action to cover for them with other resources. Don’t make “Someday I’ll change that habit” statements. Say “I have this habit, and I need to find a way in the present here and now to keep it from sabotaging my dreams.” Effective leaders aren’t perfect; they’re aware of their flaws and allocate assets to cover for them.

Once you know yourself, write down your goals, in the present tense, and read them aloud. Purchase an audio or attraction law MP3 download, not a book (very important) because beliefs are developed by what you hear. Listen to that audio as often as you can, preferably one about the law of attraction or a motivational audio. It works particularly well when you’re waking up or going to sleep, when your mind is the most suggestible.

While our focus on the Law of Attraction tends to emphasize the personal and financial, the law of attraction can be used to form solid ideations about love, relationships, weight loss and personal transformation. Think about how you’ll feel when the goal is accomplished and work your way back from there, whether it’s smoothing out a rough spot in your marriage, losing weight, or getting out of debt.

Execution Phase: Visualization is not enough; take action in what you believe

Visualization of the end goal is not enough. You need to plan, and allocate your resources – emotional, financial and personal, to achieve your goals. Because you cannot do everything, you need to prioritize, and if everything is high priority, nothing is. The Law of Attraction means you’ll get what you believe, but only after taking action. This can’t be action mired in old habits; it has to be new action that aligns with your beliefs in yourself, and your new self image. Taking action before you change your beliefs, will get you the same old results. It is very important to change your beliefs so that the Attraction Law works for you. When you proactively actively choose your actions rather than reacting to life, you will be taking actions that are in tune with your thoughts. The key to the attraction law secret is really believing that anything that you ask for can be received and allow things to happen.

Learning to take actions that in tune with your emotional guidance system is really the answer to your breakthrough; guidance for your actions needs to come from planning and careful consideration of the variables, but ultimately, a good decision now is better than the perfect decision later. Your mind has to be in synchronized with your feelings, and your feelings have to actualize your goals and dreams…but even so, visualization is nothing without actions, and actions without plans result in large amounts of wasted effort. Actions without hesitation or second thoughts have the best chance of actualization and realization; this is the core of bushido and most martial arts study – that right action can be done by knowing what is in your heart and acting upon it without hesitation.

The Attraction Law is a powerful tool for reshaping your life – visualize your goals and dreams, and take action from them to achieve your plans and goals.

About the Author:
CW Teo specializes in Personal Development. Could the Law of Attraction be accelerated? Click to download a Free Report by Bob Proctor.

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