The First Principle of Reiki by Mary Brown

The first principle of Reiki states, namely today do not worry. This phrase is meaningful when practicing Reiki, or in day to day living. There are several purposes behind the origins of and using this phrase as the first principle for Reiki. This principle has expanded to be life a philosophy for people who practice Reiki. This principle can be said to have originated with the beginning of Reiki, out of several different sources and ideas. It is the same philosophy behind several different proverbs and it is said that the ancient god of Avesta stated the same thing. They all believe that good words and good deeds originate from happy thoughts. In relation to these principles, Reiki has developed a method in which letting go of anxiety and worry allows one to see goodness.

This principle, relates to Reiki practices in several ways. Reiki is used to heal and alleviate of blocked energies. When one is worried, it creates extra blocked energy. Then, one who is either in a Reiki class or using a practitioner for healing is kept from being able to create a better flow of energy. By choosing not to worry, the universal energy is allowed to begin to move through you and unblock the energies that changing. In relation to this, is the idea of constantly refraining from worrying. After you have completed a Reiki class, it may be easy to allow the anxieties of every day life to build. However, it is stated that by doing this, it will also consistently block one from seeing the universal energies of the world.

After you have completed a session with a Reiki practitioner, or in a Reiki class, you should be able to feel the universal energies, as well as greater joy and contentment in your life. If this is blocked by worry and anxiety, you will continue to have problems receiving Reiki from the universe. It may also cause the blocking of other energies again.

When one makes the decision to let go of worry, they are open themselves to the universal energies that are surrounding them, both during the Reiki session or outside of it. By doing this, negative energies surrounding them will be unblocked. Those who follow this principle have found that it results in change in their world. They notice it in their mind set as well as in their reactions that they begin to develop to others.

The first principle of Reiki is based on letting in all that is good in the universe and for letting go of the negative energies that may be inside of you. Following the first principle of Reiki will allow you to live a more relaxed life. It will also allow the idea of Reiki to permeate your life. By choosing not to worry, it opens you up to the universe and to letting joy and goodness into your life.

About the Author:
Mary Brown contributes articles to several well-known web sites, on wellness and health and fitness and health themes.

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