What Are Horoscopes Based On? by Michelle Andersen

If you do not know much about astrology, you may wonder what are horoscopes based on and how astrologers are able to know so much about your personality. There are many different varieties of astrology all over the world and even Western astrology has many different methods. Mundane astrology is used to predict events that affect a large group of people such as a country or the entire world. Although there are different types of astrology, as an individual, when most people think of a horoscope, they are thinking of Natal astrology.

Natal astrology may work a couple of ways. You can open up almost any newspaper and find your horoscope for the day. This is based purely on your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is determined by what constellation the sun was in on the day you were born. We all know the Earth revolves around the sun and as it does, it seems like the sun moves across this celestial sphere. Astrologers and astronomers both used the celestial sphere to determine astronomical measurements such as constellations. The path the sun follows is known as the ecliptic. So, when you check to see your sign based on your birthday, you know that the sun was in that constellation at the time of your birth.

The horoscopes you read in newspapers and magazines are not nearly as accurate as having an individual reading by an astrologer. A horoscope reading that is based on the exact day and time of your birth as well as your birth city is much more personalized. Once the astrologer has your birth information, he or she will convert your information into Greenwich Mean Time then consult a table, the ephemeris, to see the location of the planets, Sun, and Moon during your time of birth. A house of tables is used to divide the horoscope into twelve divisions, one for each sign of the zodiac.

As the astrologer plots the information on your chart, your horoscope begins to make a little more sense. Each sign of the zodiac has a different type of energy. Depending on things like your rising sign and the position of the planets, Moon, and Sun as well as the degree to which your sign falls into that particular house, your horoscope can tell you many things about yourself.

A well-written horoscope birth chart will tell you both positive and negative aspects about yourself. You may find that you are a very sociable person, but very jealous in relationships. A horoscope should be used to help you appreciate the positive aspects of your personality as well as focus correcting the negative aspects if possible. Sometimes it takes something like a horoscope to point out any problems you may have.

If you cannot visit an astrologer, you can get a personalize horoscope reading online. Be sure to double check the exact time of birth with your birth certificate if possible before plotting your birth chart horoscope. Many websites will charge you to get your full birth chart analysis, but you can get a free sample at places like Astrology.com, Astro Star Charts, and Astrolabe.

About the Author:
Michelle Andersen is an astrologer providing valuable tips and advice on understanding Chinese astrology, pet horoscopes, and zodiac compatibility. Choose from any one of three free readings – psychic love, tarot cards, or numerology reading.

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