What Is Reiki and How Does It Work? by Karina Jacobsen

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Reiki is a new concept in the world of alternative health treatment. For the past five years it has been a common phenomenon in the world of medicine, health care and relaxation.

People all over the world are now taking an interest in Reiki, a form of hands-on healing. Countless people of all different backgrounds and skills have taken some type of Reiki training.

Today it is very difficult to keep pace with life in the fast lane and this causes a lot of pressure. Corporations are worried about the health of their employees due to the high rate of absence in the office. Many days are taken off because of nervous tension due to stress. So employers are now interested in introducing relaxation techniques such as Reiki in the workplace. Reiki can often be the perfect solution to this problem.

How would we define Reiki? People are confused by the pronunciation of Reiki. It’s very simple; you can pronounce Reiki as Ray-Key. The meaning of Reiki is ‘Universal Energy’. In Chinese the letters Ki is referred to as Chi which actually means energy. Reiki is connected to the energies both inside of us as well as in the world around us.

The way Reiki works lies in the meaning of the word itself. It is based on working with and channelling energy. Some people consider Reiki a spiritual energy.

A Reiki practitioner works with the energy that is all around us and connects this energy with your own energy. This is a process of self healing and it brings a peaceful relaxation to the mind and body. It also keeps any energy source within a person free from any blockage. Whenever any energy flow is blocked, it causes some problem in your body. This energy blockage is usually related to worries and stress and manifests itself in physical problems. A Reiki practitioner can feel this blockage and knows how to send healing energy to clear out the block and keep the energy freely flowing.

Reiki is amazingly effective for emotional problems. Sometimes a person can’t express clearly how he feels but he knows something is really burdening his mind. Reiki works well for this type of problem. A few sessions of Reiki can help to unblock the throat and mind energy sources. Once it is cleared the person feels deeply relaxed and can express himself clearly. Physical problems are often related with the emotional problems inside a person’s psyche. The unblocking of these energy centres makes a person emotionally free. This in turn is beneficial in dealing with physical problems. Reiki can reach to the deepest recesses of the mind and helps maintain a proper balance between body and mind.

The impressive thing about Reiki is that it is completely harmless but still has great healing power. It is a great help in stress, panic attacks, depression, anxiety or nervousness. It works by re-balancing the energy within you and soothes your body and mind. Reiki is a holistic method of healing. Reiki practitioners ask their clients to try and find out underlying causes for the symptoms. Even a very small change in lifestyle may be all that is required to cure a patient’s problems. Usually each Reiki sessions is about one hour. The first session may be a little longer, as before a Reiki practitioner starts a session he speaks at length to the patient to discover as much as he can about the patient’s problems and possible underlying causes.

About the Author:
Karina Jacobsen is a staff writer at Alternative Health Advisor and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Wellness Digest.

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