Can the Existence of Life After Death Be Proven? by Bob Daulby

Life After Death
If there is a problem at all when trying to establish the existence of a life after our passing here, it is proof. In having read many articles concerning this topic, it can be easily seen that so many of us have ideas – and often, very different ideas at that – but that I have yet to come across just one that will bring each of us this much needed proof.

Although most of us will go through life not giving another thought to our sure passing yet, there comes a time in all our lives when we are suddenly confronted with death in such a way that we cannot ignore it any longer. And so, we will ask ourselves then, “Will I live on after this life?”

As far as I am concerned, death is not something that we should push aside out of dread or ignorance but is something that we should study as soon as we are able to. This is so that, when – not ‘if’ – we are confronted with death, it will not come as a shock and, more importantly, it will also not be a source of grief either but rather, one of joy.

Through instilled religion, society has taught us to be afraid of death. To compound this fear, we are also taught to ‘pooh-pooh’ or deride the possibility of life existing *after* death – whereby we continue forever onwards *anyway* – as a topic for the ‘ill-advised’ or the ‘ignorant’. To make matters even more fearful and confusing for us, experts, psychics, shamans, priests, ministers or whoever, can not only not bring us this much needed proof but that, should proof ever arise at all then no one agrees that it is. It is because of this lack of agreement – the need to reach common ground – that, we, the public at large, lose out. In short, if there weren’t quite so many egos and wannabes out there believing that they are the only ones who hold ‘the truth’ then, we would not suffer as we do as far as death and a life after death is concerned.

And so, in bearing these in mind, it becomes all the more necessary to not only find the existence of life after death but also to be able to prove it leaving us in no doubt that we too – *shall* live on.


In having now been in actual contact with Our Worlds Beyond for a very long time now, from my own experiences, I can now reveal that an all-round, generic proof, of a life existing after our deaths is a long way off if not nigh impossible. Until science itself can reach a general consensus – which is highly unlikely (and this because ‘they’ can’t agree either) – then the very idea of finding this irrefutable proof that will cross all boundaries regardless of their origins – is but a distant dream. And so, when skeptics use this angle – the need for the irrefutable – is already a lost argument and so, as they gain, believers lose. Most of all, we ALL lose.

So, what is to be done about this?

During my many years of experience with our so-called ‘unknown’, along the way, I have brought even total strangers to my sessions to note, not only their reaction but also as to what they say is ‘proof’. It was during this period of my research that I have discovered that, although generic proof is not yet available yet ‘personal’ proof is. Not only is personal proof available but it has been available since Man first walked upon this planet.

Let me give you an example of personal proof.

When I first made friends with computers, got myself on the Internet etc. to be in actual contact with someone from Peru to me, was an out and out miracle. But what compounded that miracle was that, after only a month, I received a letter from him which proved to me that he existed and that he did indeed come from Peru. To me, this was personal proof of someone I met through this new fangled means of communication.

The above is personal proof – for me and only me and yet, to you, this is all a fairy tale. Why? Because YOU were not there, YOU didn’t speak to him, YOU did not experience any of this and YOU did not receive a letter from Peru. Thus, why should you ‘believe’ me? Had you not been taught Geography at school then, to you, even Peru would not exist would it?

Unlike me, you have not been taught about the true existence of life after death and so, to you, until you are taught then, you will always doubt and you will always require proof. Until you are taught; until you receive your own personal proof, this proof will always elude you.

It’s time to learn isn’t it?

I Thank You For Your Time.

About the Author:
Bob Daulby is a world renowned, global expert on matters of life after death, the greater life and Our Worlds Beyond. He has contacted and communicated with all kinds of entities from the spirit world, and can teach you to do the same at

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