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Sometimes we ask ourselves: Why am I here? Where did I come from? What happens when I die?

One way to look at it, is when we examine the process of sleeping, dreaming and waking, it resembles closely of the process of death, intermediate state, and rebirth. When we experience deep sleep, to others we look like a dead person, finally when we wake up, our normal powers of memory and mental control are restored and our dream world disappears leaving us with the way we perceive the world in the waking state. A similar process occurs when we die, some say, the experience of the clear light of death maybe similar to the experience of deep sleep.

Reincarnation is the belief that when someone dies, that person is reborn in another body. People have different beliefs about reincarnation, one of them is that, we do not necessary come back as human. One may have been a spider in a past life, and one may be a carrot or a parrot, so make sure you’re careful about what you are treading on in the future.

Some monks meditate all day long to achieve the state of ultimate bliss (nirvana) in order to escape from the wheel of rebirth. You can prepare yourself in this life to be as sinless as possible so you can come back as a person, according to some believers. Some people are able to regress to a past life under Hypnosis, recalling different reincarnation cases, seeking the causes of today’s problems in the experiences of previous life, explaining sometimes that strange phenomena.

With Karma, Reincarnation could explain why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, could it be that we are being rewarded or punished for past lives actions? Most of us have experience déja-vu, which could be interpreted as memories of past lives, when dreaming could be seen as a soul travel and memory.

For me, I think it is very comforting to think that way, it makes death not that scary anymore. All the answers are within us. Though even when we come to the realization that the answers are within us, we rarely know how to access them. Perhaps it is helpful to view every event as just an event, instead of treating everything as good or bad. This may be a disassociated way of learning to notice the positive in everything.

How is Past-Life Regression achieved?

Past-Life Regression can be obtained with a Hypnotherapy technique that can connect you with one or more previous lives, which are relevant to a certain problem or concern. It also allows us to go deeper and see beyond the confusion and illusions of life and offer a healing of the past life that resonates into our current life. The purpose of a Past-Life Regression is to be in position to take the journey into accessing the hidden memories of the subconscious mind, not only from the present life, but also from all the lives we have lived are stored. For the therapy to work, the client needs to believe in reincarnation, as they recall everything during the session, the client maybe given a post-hypnotic suggestions to remember what has occurred.

Chronic medical problems such as asthma, allergies, Headache and much more may respond very well to past life therapy, to eliminate physical or emotional pain is one of the reasons a person may choose to regress, some will be to diminish the fear of death or maybe to explain recurring and unexplained dreams.

The reason why I choose to express a glimpse of reincarnation and past lives regression is simply because when I was younger I suffered terribly from Death anxiety, and to my surprise, lots of people are. So my strategy today is to have faith in that way of life, which makes it more meaningful and comforting.

There can be endless reasons why people are afraid to die. Death anxiety is common in everyday life and could happen because of some past traumatic event, that still affect in some profound way.

Anyway, Hypnosis can be a useful tool in exploring past lives, going through a healing journey involving the experience of an altered psychological state, which allows anyone to be more in touch and responsive to inner experiences, by tuning into various levels of awareness normally not accessible to the conscious mind. To gather information about past lives, hypnosis is by no means the only method that allows us to rediscover ourselves.

When past behaviour patterns are dealt with releasing blocked emotions, and guilt, giving us the opportunity to experience insights and freedom, we might even become master of our own destiny.

So beware of the dog, it could be your mother-in-law in a previous life!

By Adeline Munoz for People Building

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