Is It Possible To Make Accurate Predictions From Astrology? by Ashish Jain

In simple words, astrology can be defined as a study of stars and planets, their positions and movements in relation to their effect on the lives of human beings. Also it can be said about the astrology that, it is one of the most misunderstood, the difficult to understand subjects. If you try to link any secular and spiritual subject, without the perfect knowledge of its aspects, you are likely to arrive at misleading conclusions.

Now, astrology bases its predictions on mathematical predictions. Mathematics requires nothing but 100% accuracy to arrive at the correct answers. And truth is also absolute. There is nothing like partial truth. So can accurate predictions be made with it? Here you will receive split answers on the subject.

This apart, the world of astrology is fascinating, and therefore it is worth learning. Every human being has a problem (or problems) and s/he is eager to find suitable solutions.

According to astrology stars are responsible for your prosperity and misery. Every person has his/her personal horoscope which is based on the position of the stars at the time of their birth. As per the individual horoscope, astrology makes the predictions for the future. No two human beings are alike and no two horoscopes are alike. The quota of happiness and misery of two individuals can never be the same. And astrology claims to find out accurate individualistic predictions for each individual with the help of these horoscopes. Still, we need a better explanation to this.
Signs of the Zodiac
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It is possible to tell the time of sunrise or sunset for coming thousands of years or for that matter any number of years with the help of prescribed calculations. Such predictions can be made accurately to the fraction of the second! This is because the tools employed by you for making the calculations is perfect. As for astrology, such perfect predictions have so far been impossible.

For making accurate predictions, which is the main business of the astrology you require accurate tools. That is the bane with the practicing astrologers; their tools are not perfect!

Comparing life to the game of football, you will find that astrology and destiny are playing for the same team. Please understand one important point- you need not study astrology with a sense of resignation, whatever is destined has to happen.

“You are the creator of your destiny, not the victim!” With your right actions, you have to challenge the destiny; never give it the walkover. Challenging the destiny is no ordinary job. It will give you a very tough fight. It would create frustrating situations. Yet, the satisfaction of fight may lead you and make you understand new dimensions of life and living.

Be great in fight, be glorious in defeat! For, astrology is a virtue to give you the light to live your life with wisdom. Seek help from it; do not depend on it blindly.

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