Reiki and The Sacral Chakra by Patricia Smith

The sacral chakra is body area located between the upper parts of the sacrum. This chakra is important in helping with healing, communicating with and opening up to universal energies in Reiki. Because of this, the sacral chakra is used as a way to aid healing. There are various methods used by Reiki practitioner to open this chakra in order to allow universal energies to move and communicate through the body.

Also known as the cross center, the sacral chakra is thought to hold sexual energy, emotions, sexual energies and creative energy. A person who is strong in this chakra center, will have an easier time with out of body experiences. Because of this, it is vital to make sure that the sacral chakra is not blocked and is able to exchange with universal energies. The sacral chakra’s main function is the characteristics of creative energies. The creative energies are usually developed between the ages of 7 and 14. Many attribute this chakra with holding the sense of taste as well. Eastern tradition the sacral chakra is known as the six petal lotus, and is connected to the element of earth. If this chakra is blocked, it will affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

When a Reiki practitioner is healing this area, they will begin by placing their hands on the sacrum. This may be done from the front or the back of the person. With females, they will unblock the sacral chakra by rotating to the right. In males, they will unblock by rotating to the left. In addition to clearing the area, it is thought to help problems with the reproductive glands or the prostate as well. Some will choose include certain attunements and mantras when doing this. The first mantra that might be used is a vam sound. The mantra is used in the tune of D. Some may also clear this chakra while using aromatherapy. Sandalwood and ylang-ylang oil are the two recommended aromas to use. If you prefer, they can also combine this with the use of a gemstone. The two best types of gemstones to use in this case are carnelian and moonstones.

When the Reiki process is complete, the sacral chakra should open to the universal energies. In its pure state, one may see an orange-colored aura surrounding this chakra. Often after having had this section cleared, a person will sleep for eight to ten hours in a fetal position. They may also see visions of moonlight and clear water during or after the process.

When one opens their sacral chakra, they are open to the universal energies in relation to their emotions and creativity. Eoing this not only helps to heal physical ailments, such as in the reproductive area, but also will help in clearing emotional blockage. Any combination of the previously-mentioned techniques can be used when clearing the sacral chakra.

About the Author:
Patricia Smith is a writer for several web sites, on wellness and health and healthy body subjects.

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